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Tyre Alignment 101: When Do You Need It

If you own a car, it is important that your vehicle undergoes regular maintenance from professional repair specialists to guarantee efficiency and fuel economy. Among the various parts that need to be checked, tyre alignment is one of the essentials. This is very important if you want to prevent excessive wear on it and on other vehicle parts.

This is also essential for the proper functioning and safety of your car. If your wheel's alignment is off, this can reduce your MPG (miles per gallon); wear out bearings and brakes, and even become dangerous for you to drive. Here are a few signs that indicate your tyres require alignment:

Pulling to either right or left. There are 3 main reasons why this happens: (1) uneven or sloping road, (2) the pressure of one of your tyres is significantly lower than the others, and (3) bad tyre alignment. However, if you see that the road’s surface is fine and the tyre pressure is correct and yet your vehicle continues to turn automatically to the left or right, your wheel's alignment needs to be checked and fixed.

Uneven wear. If you see signs of wear outside or inside the edge of just one tyre, while the rest seem perfectly fine, you might want to have the alignment checked. Ideally though, inspections should be done every 12000 to 15000 miles travelled.

Inactive pulling. While cruising straight ahead and you notice that your vehicle drifts off hard to the right or the left when you let go of the steering wheel, this indicates that you have an alignment issue. The same thing is true if you need to constantly turn the steering wheel just to drive straight ahead.

Presence of vibration. If your vehicle shakes while travelling straight ahead on a relatively smooth road, then, your alignment maybe off. This vibration may be caused by your wheels pulling against each other. If this is the case, make sure to have this checked and repaired. Failure to do so may lead to accidents, which is something every sensible driver wants to avoid.

Thought alignment is not part of a car manufacturer's schedule of recommended maintenance, it is still best to have this checked annually by professionals.