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Getting to Know Some External Parts of a Vehicle

By having your own ride, you get to reach any land destinations fast and easy. It is because of this significance that car owners like you may have to know how to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance whenever your vehicle needs it. And, you can do just that by letting us fix the damaged body parts of your precious wheels. Some of the quality repairing services we offer include wing mirror replacement, vandal and scratch removal, paintwork correction, and alloy tyre repair.

Aside from hiring the right car body repairing expert, you should have an idea about the specific purposes of some of your vehicle’s vital external parts, which are discussed below:

  • Body – This is the term used to refer to the main outer part of a car. It does not include the wheels and the engine.

  • Bonnet – It is the hinged cover in front of a car that serves as a compartment for the engine.

  • Bumper – Designed for protection, a bumper is the long and thin bar in the front or back of a vehicle that is usually made of plastic or metal.

  • Chassis – Found under the vehicle, a chassis is considered the main frame of the vehicle where the wheels and machinery are being mounted on.

  • Crumple Zone – Because of this part, passengers and pedestrians are protected from the force of a crash. From the name itself, a crumple zone is designed to crumple in case of a car crash.

  • Mudflap – This refers to the rubber that is hung behind a vehicle’s wheels. The main purpose of this part is to cover the car’s body as well as the pedestrians from the dirt, dust, mud, and other debris that come from the road.

  • Rear End – It is the part found at the back of a vehicle.

Now that you have learned basic details about some of your car’s external parts, may you become more keen in maintaining the vital components of your precious ride.