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Keeping Your Car Rust-Free for as Long as Possible

Although rust spots can be fixed, much like scrapes, scratches, and bumps, it is still a good idea to prevent it from developing, especially on your car’s body. Who would want to drive a vehicle that is covered with patches of rust anyway? Not you, in all likelihood.

In reality though, rust is bound to form on metals.But you can do something to keep them off your vehicle for as long as possible. Remember that rust is like a mould that slowly eats up your car’s body until it will fall apart. For this reason, you should adopt the following car maintenance tips: 

  1. Be on the lookout for rust.This reddish brown substance usually forms due to the reaction of air and water on steel and iron. Because your vehicle is constantly exposed to these two elements, you can be sure that rust is slowly developing somewhere in and around your car. But the most common areas where you are likely to find it are the wheels, wings, exterior and interior flooring, under the passenger’s seat, boot, and around the engine compartment.
  1. Check for nicks and chips.It only takes a tiny scratch for harsh elements to eat their way through your vehicle. So make it a point to inspect your car’s exterior in great detail. And, if you find any nicks and dents, have it fixed right away before they get even worse.
  1. Have your car’s undercarriage washed periodically. Allowing mud, dirt, and debris to dry up and stick like glue under your vehicle will not only cause damage but corrosion as well. However, if you can’t afford to take your vehicle to a wash centre, you can always spray the underside, including the wheels wells, with water. A lawn sprinkler turned on in full blast will do just the trick. The idea is to keep the underside clean to protect it from oxidation.
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Lastly, wash the carpet thoroughly, especially after the winter season as road salt is likely to adhere to it. If the rust problem is way beyond your control, however, it is best to have your vehicle scheduled for servicing at a reliable mobile car body shop.