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Maintenance Procedures that Are Essential to Your Car's Life

Ensuring the integrity of your automobile can be done in five easy steps.

1. Check the fluid levels. It is imperative that the engine coolant, power steering, transmission, brake, and windscreen wiper lubricants are within the prescribed level to prevent damage.

2. Inspect the brakes for any wear and tear. Hot weather can increase damage on your brake pads, including the lights, emergency stop mechanisms, and the like. So during these months, you need to be more diligent in making routine checks.

3. Ensure that tyres have the right air pressure. Do not drive when they are inadequately inflated as this can have an effect on fuel efficiency and your safety. You should also check the treads as uneven wear indicates a problem with wheel alignment.

4. Examine the condition of the battery. Warm months can be brutal on the equipment, while winter can test its durability. So, regardless of the season, it is highly recommended to check the battery and have it replaced when necessary.

Aside from these, you should ensure that the car body is in top shape. That is because any problems on the outside can also cause damage on the inside.