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Handy Tips for Buying a Secondhand Car

In a perfect world we’d all be driving new cars and we’d never have to worry about depreciation and other considerations — that isn’t about to happen and the world in which we live and the roads on which we drive are far from perfect.

As that’s so, many of us buy secondhand cars over new cars and there are actually a number of benefits to buying used cars for sale in Canberra over new cars, starting with not having to bear the full weight of depreciation.

Considerations when buying a secondhand car

There are a number of considerations to take into account when buying a secondhand car, including its aesthetics, i.e. the car’s appearance.

Naturally car buyers are looking for cars that are in top condition and don’t have any bumps, dents and scratches, but what about secondhand cars with minor aesthetic imperfections — should these cars be avoided just because of a little dent or scratch?

Opinions on the subject differ, with some people claiming that cars with bumps, dents and scratches should be avoided because it’s an indication that the previous owner hasn’t taken good care of it and in some cases this is actually the case.

However, there are better methods of ascertaining how well the previous owner has looked after a car and provided that the need for minor repairs is reflected in the price, i.e. you’re getting a good deal and can easily afford to take the cost of cosmetic repairs into account and come out on top, this could make for an excellent deal.

Five tips for buying a secondhand car

Buying a secondhand car isn’t something to take lightly and there are numerous criteria you need to take into account.

Here are five tips for buying a secondhand car — even one with a few minor bumps, dents and scratches that you can have fixed by a mobile car body repair service provider — that many people overlook.

  1. Have it checked by a mechanic or a knowledgeable friend
  2. If it needs minor bodywork contact a car body repair service provider
  3. Check its history to ensure it hasn’t been involved in an accident
  4. Check its history to ensure no outstanding finance is owed
  5. When meeting private sellers meet them at home

These five points are often overlooked by car buyers, some of whom have been stung by buying vehicles that weren’t worth the asking price. Moreover, bear in mind that buying a secondhand in need of minor cosmetic bodywork could see you driving away in a bargain.

There are a number of excellent benefits afforded to car buyers who buy used cars for sale in Canberra over new cars, including not having to bear the full weight of depreciation the moment it’s driven off the lot.

Take note of these tips when looking for a secondhand car and don’t forget it’s often remarkably cost-effective to buy a used car in need of minor cosmetic repair and have it made to look like new.