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Alternative Holiday Transport During a Lengthly Auto Repair

If your car has suffered some serious damage that has put it out of action just before you were about to head out on holiday, there’s no reason to cancel your plans right away. With some quick thinking (and a few phone calls and research hours online) not only can you find a mobile body shop willing to fix your car while you’re away, you should also be able to find yourself an affordable vehicle to rent for the duration of your trip.

Motorhome Holidays

If you’re offered the choice between hiring a standard car and hiring something a little fancier you should choose the fancier option every time. If, for example, you stumble across a wohnmobil mieten Sydney website and happen to find their prices agreeable, you’re encouraged to jump at the chance to drive around in one of these motorhomes during your holiday — you may even save money, being able to cancel some of the hotel rooms you had previously booked.

While out on your holiday you should make a point to call your auto repair shop from time to time to get an update on the progress of your vehicle. Although they will be very quick to call you should they need to, it’s within your right to ask about progress (if there is any) occasionally, especially when your car was so extensively damaged to begin with, as there are numerous complications that can come up along the way.

You shouldn’t, however, spend your whole holiday worrying. If you’ve hired an Australien camper you’ll have too much to enjoy when it comes to driving around (and sleeping) in your new toy to worry too much about the progress of your car’s repair job back home. Unlike when you simply take your car on holiday with you, when you’re driving around in a motorhome you can:

  • Stay out exploring until late into the night: When you’re not paying for a hotel room each night and can instead simply park up and sleep in your van when it gets too dark to continue exploring you get to see — and experience — much more than you would have done had your car not been placed out of action and sent to a mobile body shop before heading out on holiday.
  • Travel across vast distances without having to worry about where you’ll spend the night: In this scenario you can pick up your camper from a wohnmobil mieten Sydney company before setting out across the country, stopping each night along the way to get some sleep, have something to eat, then start back up the next morning. Your poor car, currently being repaired back home, would never have been able to cope with such a journey.

In conclusion, if you’re unfortunate enough for your car to be put out of action just before you were due to go on holiday you should quickly contact a mobile body shop to have them work on it while you’re away, hiring a motorhome as your replacement vehicle for the trip.