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When to Replace Your Car Tyres

You are enjoying a great time with your friends driving around town. Suddenly, your vehicle loses control. After checking the different parts, you realise that your tyres are out of order. Well, that's just sad, right? So make sure these parts of your car are always in good condition.

So that you would not experience another spoiled joyride, learn to manage your car parts regularly.

Most manufactured tyres have a lifetime of six years. After the 6th year, you should put them away. You can identify the year it was produced by its sequence number. The label comprises of 4 digits. For example, 1607 indicates that it was made on the 16th week of 2007.

When buying second-hand vehicles, ask when the tyres were produced. If they are already four years old, you should not consider purchasing. After a year, those wheels are already as good as junk. Five years of use is an indicator that they are of poor quality. As much as possible, be very choosy when purchasing cars. In addition, a vehicle that has been driven over 4 thousand miles has reached the end point and must be changed right away.

Consider these guidelines to identify when you should have your wheels tested:

  • Look for anything embedded in every tire. Common objects include nails, tiny rocks, or debris. If found, remove them instantly.  When taking off a nail, make sure the wheel is inflated. If it creates a hissing sound, immediately pin back the nail and take it to the shop.

  • Check the sidewalls whether they have any signs of cuts and bulges. These may indicate a possible problem in the future.

  • Check the treads. These are the patterns on the rubber that come in contact to the ground. When they are worn off, the traction loses its effectiveness and is vulnerable to slippery grounds. If the treads are losing shape, they should be replaced right away.

  • Leaks are usually the problem that should be immediately taken care of. Go to the car service and fill some air into the tyres. This problem may be caused by rims that do not fit well.  Also check the valves that might be causing the air loss. Make sure to ask assistance from a mechanic to properly adjust the accessories.

Every automobile has to be monitored to maintain its performance. However, if you do not regularly check its different parts, you might end up disappointed or, worse, get in an accident. To avoid such situations, give your car a regular check-up.